The Statutory Law of Habeas Data-Law 1581 of 2.012 (hereinafter the "Law") and its Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2.013, NOTIFY-IT.COM informs employees, clients and suppliers, whose data are in our Databases, our Policy of Protection of Personal Data. This information is and will be made publicly available. Used in the development of the functions of NOTIFY-IT.COM, according to the legal relationship it has with each of the natural and juridical persons that it establishes in each case. The owners of the personal data (collaborators, customers, suppliers, contractors, natural persons and juridical) authorize, expressly and unequivocally to NOTIFY-IT.COM, to maintain and manage all the information supplied.

A) We offer online platforms that you can use to create, send and manage email ( "Services"), Certified Mail, SMS and SmartSphone Messaging. In the course of providing the services, we may collect personal information, which means that information about a member. A & quot; distribution list & quot; Is a list of e-mail addresses that one of our members has sent, or intends to send e-mails to, and all information relating to e-mail addresses. /> B) The Personal Data provided will be preserved in different secure means that the technology allows, whose access will be. Limited to staff working with NOTIFY-IT.COM Who to count? With the appropriate security measures to protect the use of your Personal Data. In case of request of an authority, the Personal Data can be made available to you.
C) You have the right to access your personal data that we possess, As to rectify, update, delete or revoke the authorization of its use. The mechanisms that have been implemented for the exercise of these rights are through the presentation of a specific request, sending an electronic mail to NOTIFY-IT.COM, providing their contact details with the subject: " Processing of Personal Data ". The e-mail addresses of the persons responsible for the processing of personal data are listed at the end of this document. The deadline to respond to your request is 10 days.
D) This Notice of Privacy may Be modified at any time without prior notice to reflect changes in NOTIFY-IT.COM 'use and collection of information. If this is the case, these modifications will be available in visible advertisements on our site Of the internet indicated below, in order to always have knowledge of our current policies.
E) In the event that NOTIFY-IT.COM, has previously had access to the information or has collected it, each person (natural or juridical) Authorize the use of it; If thirty (30) days have elapsed from the knowledge of the present notice, the owner has not contacted the area responsible for the processing of his data to express the authorization or deletion of his personal data NOTIFY-IT.COM Will be able to Continue to process the data contained in its databases for the purposes of the company, without prejudice to the right of the holder to request the deletion of their data and to revoke the authorization of their treatment. Br F) ESSECORP S.AS. Retendr. The information of contacts and templates in agreement with the agreement with each client independently, having a standard period of 1 (a) year of retention of that information, the cu Will be Eliminated in full during the agreed period. NOTIFY-IT.COM Will not respond & For information not contemplated in the agreed time range.

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